Our mission at Lee Banks Fitness is to make a difference in the lives of the clients we serve by teaching them how to make health and fitness a lifestyle. Lee Banks Fitness is open to all who are seeking the next step in their health and wellness journey. It is a place where you can learn, plan, and take action to improve your health.

Each program (services) at Lee Banks Fitness was designed for proven results (Why Lee Banks Fitness?) by Lee Banks (Our Team), our Fitness expert with 20 years of fitness industry knowledge and diverse fitness experience.

Lee Banks Services Feature

  • ✓ APP Delivery & Communication
  • ✓ Fitness Coach
  • ✓ Wellness Concentration

Health & Wellness

We’re not just a fitness company!

Our Health & Wellness Coach (Our Team) provides motivational support and assists you in making positive choices that will impact your overall well-being. We realized that achieving your fitness goal takes more than motivation. That’s why our staff National Board Certified-Health & Wellness Coach, Lafayette Banks developed the Your Well Life program. It’s a scientific, evidence-based program that introduces principles, tools, and concepts to properly prepare you to successfully implement your Lee Banks Fitness program and finally accomplish your fitness goal. Our up-to-date resources will equip you with the skills and strategies necessary to achieve sustainable change. Above all, we want to see you thrive in your fitness program.