Lee Banks Fitness
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Fitness Experts and Personal Training Specialist

Lee Banks Fitness is Jacksonville's premier private personal training only training facility. We specialize in semi private one on one personal training, accountability, and support. Our services include weight training, strength and conditioning, weight loss, and muscle building. Lee Banks Fitness caters to those looking to lose weight, build muscle, and live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Our mission at Lee Banks Fitness is to make a difference in the lives of the clients we serve by teaching them how to make health and fitness a lifestyle.

Why Choose Lee Banks Fitness Enterprises LLC?

  • ✓ Leading Fitness Center in Jacksonville, FL
  • ✓ Certified Personal Trainer & Online Fitness Coach
  • ✓ Specialize In Bodybuilding/ Weight Loss/ Personal Training, & Nutrition
  • ✓ Help You To Achieve Physical & Emotional Balance

Customized Workouts, Accountability, Support

At Lee Banks Fitness you get customized workouts in an upscale private facility, online personal coaching by a Fitness expert, and a Fitness specialist to take you through your workouts safely.


Read what clients have said about Lee Banks Fitness - Jacksonville's Personal Training and Online Fitness Expert

  •  With the combined help, guidance, and motivation of Coach Lee and my trainer, Jack, I am happy to report that, in just 18 days, I've lost exactly 12 lbs, built strength and confidence, and finally, for the first time, I can really see myself achieving and maintaining the results that I've always wanted! The whole experience is life-changing, and I recommend it 1000%.

    Winnae Bean

    Online Personal Training Southside
  • Lee Banks Fitness provides individualized fitness plans customized to my personal needs and capabilities, pushing me to the next level and motivating me along the way. The trainers are personable and professional and the facility is immaculate.

    Ivy Archer

    Fitness Professional Southside
  • I really enjoy working with Lee Banks fitness. I've only been working out a few weeks and they have already exceeded my expectations. The trainers are professional, knowledgeable, and extremely encouraging. They are always available for any questions. The facility is nice, and the location is very easy to find. Highly Recommended!!!!

    Delca Massey

    Online Personal Training Southside

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